So, You Think There is
No Such Thing as

Affordable Family Vacations?

How can I take my kids on affordable family vacations?

Everyone asks us this question all the time.

You see, we travel extensively and we’re just an average American family. So it’s no wonder that our family and friends, some who out earn us, would want to know how we can afford to go on so many luxury family vacations each year.

It’s amazing how crafty you become when you are traveling on a budget. This past year we enjoyed over 11 vacations.

We do not stay in "hole in the wall" hotels either.

We stay in 3, 4 and 5-star resorts for pennies on the dollar.

I decided to create this website for our family and friends who always ask us how they too can take affordable family vacations and where to find discount vacation packages.

If you are on this website you are now a friend too so look around and see how you can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on your family fun vacations.

I am telling all the travel industry secrets that I thought were common knowledge. I am not an online travel agent nor do I wish to become a travel agent.

Affordable Family Vacations

My husband and I learned this stuff the hard way, by trial and error. When you have been doing something for a long time you presume everyone knows it.

But when people kept saying things like,
"WOW, y'all on another vacation?" or "Where y'all at now?" or my favorite "Y'all must be rich!,"

I realized that taking family vacations are a luxury that many people do not experience regardless of their affordability.

The comments used to really hurt my feelings. I know that may sound silly but people are mean.

People behave as if you are doing something illegal. They even imply that you think you are better than they when they hear that you are on “yet another vacation”. They say it like it is a crime.

I also realized after hearing the same questions and comments over and over that the way we travel is in fact a secret and normally only accessible to an elite group.

Most American families are lucky to take one vacation per year; an even then they have to save up for it.

We have the luxury of taking affordable family vacations to world class resorts as often as we can schedule it. Which happens to be every time our kids get a chunk of time out of school.

Want to know more about romantic travel destinations or family summer vacations? What about singles vacations or last minute travel deals? Then you are on the right website.

Discount Vacation Packages

If you are like us and get upset if the person in the next room paid $300 for a condo resort when you paid $2500 for the same week, then read on.

This has happened to so many people.

While sitting around the pool or enjoying a complimentary breakfast whiles on our affordable family vacations, it never fails that someone will say, “The resort is nice, but it’s so expensive.” Or “I’ll be paying this off for the next six months.”

My husband give me that all too familiar look and ask “how much did you pay, we only paid $300”.

This of course leads to a long conversation about how we did it.

I will show you how finding last minute travel deals, honeymoon vacation spots and inexpensive family vacations are easier than you think.

Which family would you rather be, the family that paid $300 or the one who paid $1500?

If you picked the first family then click around to be taken to pages and pages describing how your family can be the ones enjoying affordable family vacations too.