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When planning an all-inclusive family vacation be sure to consider the interests of all of your family members.

This can become especially challenging if your family consists of children of very diverse ages.

While you and your spouse may be perfectly happy participating in activities that one or the other enjoys, do not expect such a happy compromise from your children.

Destination, therefore, is of utmost importance, in for all inclusive family vacation.

Choose a destination that offers a wide range of activities.  

Beaches, theme parks, cruises and all inclusive family resorts generally fall into this category.

Worry Free Vacations

Most children are easily bored by certain activities such as sightseeing. Sightseeing can also be too strenuous for them.  

If there is any sight-seeing to be done, then teenagers prefer to do it on their own or with their peers. Unless they are avid birdwatchers you should allow your kids to pick the cultural activities that they find most interesting.

A new activity that my family has started doing with our kids is visiting the state park that is near whichever resort we are renting.  

Most state parks offer a free junior ranger's program.This is a great way to introduce some culture to the kids and allow them to see the many differences and similarities found in different cities in the United States. 

There are several activities that the kids need to complete in order to earn their Junior Ranger's badge. A few of the things that we have had to do are: naming plant and animal species that are found in the park, drawing a foot print of an animal and recycling any trash they may see on the grounds.

At the end of the day, not really a day it usually only takes about two hours, the children are presented a Junior Ranger certificate and a badge.

This is a wonder free activities and especially fun for kids who are either boy scouts or girl scouts.

All-Inclusive Family Vacations

If your all-inclusive family vacations involve a beach, you will of course enjoy the sand the sun and the water.

But besides relaxing, you can indulge in scores of water sports, ranging from swimming to surfing, beaches are ideal for all inclusive family vacations.

Beaches by Sandals offers three luxury all-inclusive resorts that are fun for all ages. Not only is the food included but so are all the activities, water-sports, night clubs and even transportation to and from the airport.

Shop Kid Friendly Vacations At Beaches Resorts.

Many popular beach destination are near shopping malls, outlet malls, golf courses, aquariums and amusement parks.

When you book an all-inclusive family vacations resort near a theme park check to see if tickets to the park are included or available for a discount too.

Your kids will love the exciting Game Garage at Beaches Resorts!

Family Cruises 

Another easy and fun “everything included” option is cruises. Cruises can be the most relaxing form of all inclusive family vacations. Once aboard the ship every member of the family can partake in their own fun adventures.

Cruise ships now offer facilities or activities that will appeal to the entire family.

They have, for example:

  • Casinos for Dad. 
  • Shopping for Mom. 
  • Teen discos and water activities for Son. 
  • Supervised craft activities and scavenger hunts for Daughter…

    This, of course, is the plan for my family cruise, your plan may look a little different.

Shore excursions are also offered at regular intervals help to break the monotony on longer cruises.

All inclusive family vacation resorts will perhaps provide you with the most relaxing holiday vacation. Most all inclusive vacation resorts strive to fulfill all the needs of each member of your family.

Best of all, you can relax knowing that there will be no surprise on your bill because the cost of everything has already been included.