Armed Forces Vacation Club

Learn How Your Family Can Get the
Best Vacation Discounts Around

There are a lot of vacation and travel clubs for every type of person in existence.

This is no different when it comes to taking military vacations by using the services of the Armed Forces Vacation Club.

Yes, you're taking an ordinary vacation, but because of clubs and services like this, you can get a pretty great family vacation discount deal through the power of this big organization.

Armed Forces Vacation Quotes

So what are some examples of benefits using the Armed Forces Vacation Club?

Many people benefit from deals this club makes with many other hotels and timeshare companies to give their members deeply discounted accommodations when they want to travel.

For example, the vacation club can make deals with several management associations to give a great price and fill up unused timeshare weeks.

Stay in luxury for cheap

Many timeshare owners never use their vacation time during the year. So instead of it going unused vacation club can give members a great deal to use a condo at a luxury resort at a budget price.

This is achieved by:  

  1. The vacation clubs negotiating the lowest possible prices. Resorts and hotels would rather rent their units out for 70% off than allow it to just sit empty. 
  2. Some travel clubs purchase a block of rooms that they rent only to their members. 
  3. The most popular option is for clubs to partner directly with independent owners of the condos within various resorts around the world. These owners determine the price point that they are willing to rent their unit for. This is where you can really find excellent deals even up to 95% off the normal rental rate. 
Family vacation discount alternatives for arm forces vacation club

In some cases, you could spend just under $400 to stay at a popular resort in a popular tourist area for a week. This arrangement has been set up throughout the world and you have the opportunity to go to many places because of the savings.

There's not only these timeshare type savings, but the travel club offers discounted services on car rentals and many other services for all of your travel needs.

If you're not taking advantage of these incredibly great discounts on travel, then you are really losing out.

It really makes an armed forces vacation affordable. In fact, this opens up a whole new opportunity for taking one or even two regular vacations every year for the whole family.

Military Vacations

So who is eligible?

This program is available for every military member, active or retired, and their family. This also includes the National Guard as well as civilians who were employed with the American Red Cross, Department of Defense and Disabled American Veterans.

Vacation quotes are reasonable, because of the power of striking deals with over 3500 resorts throughout the world. But some non-armed forces vacation club deals may be better. So make sure you check around. 

For a lot of military families, taking a trip might not always be realistic, because of all of the changes that they have to go through because of deployment schedules.If not retired, many families are without each other for long stretches of time. When they are together, this service can give the opportunity to have a great trip anywhere in the world.

Even though every military member is eligible, you do need to sign up and become a member of the service. It's an easy process and then all you need to do is start browsing the website to see what discounts and deals are available.

Take advantage of the Armed Forces Vacation Club, so you can save big money and have an opportunity to go on a luxurious vacation at a discount. This really is the way to go for every member of the military.