Family Cruises

4 Reasons Why
Your Next Vacation Should Be
a Disney Cruise

Family cruises are continually becoming more and more popular. It used to be that a boat trip was just for adults, but over the last decade, this is not true anymore.

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So why choose Disney for your next Caribbean family vacation?

With the creation of Disney cruiselines, sailing vacations have risen to a new level.

Why? Because riding the currents on a big, beautiful ship gives you a blend of adventure, convenience, comfort and entertainment. 

Caribbean family vacations are fun for adults too.

There is really something for everyone.

Many adults think that family cruises with Disney are just for the kids. This simply is not true.

Obviously, the kids are very well taken care of.

However, adults have a lot of relaxing activities to choose from, while their kids are away all day under friendly, yet close supervision.

Of course, every family wants to have time together, and this type of trip can give you a balance of family as well as me time.

Enjoy the ultimate in all inclusive family vacations.

Cruises are the ultimate all inclusive family vacations because they truly have everything that you need for one price. Once you get on the boat, forget about spending more and more money on every little activity, snack and service. It's really a great feeling to be able to eat, relax and enjoy almost every activity that the ship offers.

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Everybody wants to take Caribbean vacations and Disney has made this so much easier.

Have a blast and relax on the ship and spend many days exploring all of the popular Caribbean ports destinations.

Just think with all the money you don't have to spend for every activity on the boat, you can use that for your port exploration and souvenirs.

So, what exactly can you do on a Disney family cruise?


Disney has come up with a unique rotational dining system.

You can rotate to three of the different restaurants on the ship and receive personalized serving from waiters and waitresses who actually go with you to each restaurant and serve you.

family cruises include meals too


There are loads of activities to choose from. Of course, they are all Disney themed and a have been created to delight every person in the family.

Deck parties

There are always celebrations on board for the whole family to enjoy, which usually include spectacular firework shows.

Amenities and service

You can always expect only the best on these types of cruises. Some of the great services include:

Disney cruiselines are the perfect all inclusive family vacations
  • Top rated staterooms
  • All three meals, snacks and much more.
  • The beverage station that's open 24 hours.
  • Room service available at any hour of the day.
  • Top rated and popular movies which include 3D.
  • Fireworks shows are always included.
  • Fun filled activities, especially created for each age group.
  • Special clubs and activities for the hard to entertain teenagers.
  • Exclusive adults’ areas such as dining, fitness center as well as nightclubs.

As you can see family cruises like this are well worth looking into. If you want something extra special on your vacation, take a Disney cruise.