Family Vacations On A Budget

Don't Skip That Trip
With These Suggestions
You're Family Can Still Afford To GO!

It is harder and harder to take that vacation with your family.

With the rising costs of just about everything, including airfare and gas, it's becoming more difficult to take family vacations on a budget.

However, this is one thing you can't exclude from your life. 

Family trips are so important to make great memories and bring family's together.

The good thing is if you rethink what kind of vacation you can take, it is possible to spend time with your family on a regular basis.

Family vacations on a budget might be a little tougher to put together, but it can be done with some planning.

And, they can actually be just as fun filled as any other more expensive vacation you would like to take.

It's necessary that you do adequate research when you're planning to take any inexpensive family vacation.

There are a lot of opportunities for last minute vacations, but usually the lack of planning equals a more expensive trip.

Where can you go to plan a family vacations on a budget?

Inexpensive Family Vacations

Start checking out all the information you can on the Internet

There is so much information online, that finding discount vacations is pretty easy if you know where to look. There are many blogs, travelers forums and vacation sites.

You can find out many fun things to do and places to go on a budget, that you might not have even thought about.

Know what you can spend on your vacation before you start to search

Don't let the money stop you from having the vacation time you really need. Figure out how much you have to spend and then start looking for a way to have a great vacation within those limits.

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Order free tourist brochures to help you plan and budget for your vacation.

I like to add brochures to our vacation dream board. This is a board that I create that shows different vacations that our family want to take in the coming months.

I put pictures of the resort and attach a few brochures showing all the activities that the kids said they would like to do.  

The vacation dream board really helps to keep the entire family on track and help us save our money.  

One of our last minute vacations to Hilton Head Island Beach & Tennis Resort

I really appreciate the fact that the kids can see a tangible benefit of adding their extra change to the "vacation fund jar".  

The kids will sometimes even set aside a portion of the money they received from birthdays and report cards to help fund the "extra" excursions.  

It's their vacation too, so I really like to let them decide what type of activities they would like to participate in.  

Check out the vast variety of activities around the globe that your family can add to your activity list.

  1. Pick your desired location
  2. Pick your activity 
  3. Complete the Information Request Form

Repeat the above process for each brochure that you would like to receive. 

You might find that having to be more creative to stay within a certain limit, can open up many vacation possibilities that you would have never considered otherwise.The sky is really the limit in how you can do this.

However, the most important factor to consider is that you are doing it.

Kids really don't remember all the money that was spent on a trip, but how fun it was to be with their family.

Family Trips

Maintain a great attitude

Don't ever think that because you can spend a preconceived amount of money on a trip, that you are just settling.

Remember, all of the hidden gems of fun and adventure can happen when you have to think more about what you are going to do.

Going to the beach and camping at the nearby campgrounds, might end up being a lot more fun than taking a big expensive cruise to a major destination.

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Of course everybody has their own opinion, but a smaller and simpler vacation also might be a lot less stressful and less complicated, so you can really focus on being together and having a great time.

Family vacations on a budget are really all around you. Bottom line, never pass up family time because of the funds.