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What kind of vacations do kids enjoy the most? A poll conducted in 2004 by Liberty Travel – one of the largest travel companies in the U.S. – came up with the following results.

The results have been ranked in order of preference:

       1.  Pool time 
       2.  Beach Activities
       3.  Land sports like mini golf, ping pong, biking, etc
There were very few takers for sightseeing.

Vacation With Kids

You can have fun family vacations for kids by taking them to one of the many resorts with water parks.

With their crazy slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, water squirters and dunking buckets, the water parks can be thrilling as well as amusing.

While talking about water parks, one has to mention the Great Wolf Lodge Resorts and their indoor water parks. Nine Great Wolf Lodges have come up across the country.

The Lodges can be a wholesome fun family vacation for kids because, apart from water sports, they also have a "dry play zone", they conduct nightly story-telling and they have a MagiQuest interactive fantasy game.

Another popular getaway destination for kids is Orlando, Florida. Family Vacations in Florida seems to be the unanimous choice when you have kids in tow.

With theme parks at Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World that offer everything from thrilling rides to breath-taking fireworks to interactive sessions with animals, any visit seems to be too short and leaves the kids begging for more.

Fun Affordable Family Vacations

Want more affordable options?

How about staying on a family farm or a dude ranch that offer horse-riding, country life, cook-out under the stars and home-cooked meals.

If your vacation travels take you any where near an Amish town make arrangements to spend a day of your relaxing family vacation with one of the Amish families.

Not only will the kids enjoy learning about a different culture but you will too.  

Spending a day with an Amish family will help your kids appreciate all the modern luxuries that they may currently take for granted too. 

Wherever you find yourself make sure to checkout the calendar on each city’s website to find more fun things to do in each town so you can get the full experience of every location you visit.

Family Vacations Whitewater Rafting

A holiday at the beach can be a fun family vacation for kids.  Beaches are becoming more and more entertaining with lots of activities being designed to help you get the most out of your day.

Some of the more novel ones include: stand up paddle boards, snorkeling, scuba (where you will wear weights and masks and breathe through air hoses connected to a tank that floats above the group) and sea-trekking (pull on a helmet, and descend a ladder for a guided walk under the sea.)

If your group is more adventurous schedule some time to enjoy whitewater rafting.

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Spice up your kid’s vacation with visits to kids' museums, Cirque de Soleil, Build-A-Bear, Blue Man Group and local children's festivals just to name a few.