Honeymoon Vacation Spots

Learn How to Have a
Luxury Honeymoon on a

Cheap Honeymoon Budget

Honeymoon vacation spots are the main ingredients to lasting memories. These memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

One must use wisdom when searching for romantic places to spend your cheap luxury honeymoon.

First let’s review some basic things to consider when looking for honeymoon vacation spots:

  • Price - Are you planning a luxury honeymoon or maybe your budget will only allow for a cheap honeymoon?
  • Availability - can you go for two weeks or will you take several quick getaways?
  • Location - are you dreaming of any of these romantic travel destinations: Pocono resorts, Gatlinburg Falls or the secluded clothing optional resorts?
  • Weather - Consider if you and your mate prefers hot vacations at Sandals Resorts or a secluded Bahamas resort.
  • Atmosphere - Do you have kids already? Not to fret, the honeymoon vacation spots that you are considering can also convert to fun family vacations by day and romantic travel destinations by night?
  • Activities -Are you a kid at heart or the laid back type? Make sure you take this into consideration also.

Regardless of your honeymoon vacation spot you can create wonderful luxury honeymoon on any budget.

Most people simple book and pay for the hotel and think once they arrive the magic will just happen.

This is also the way most people handle their marriage, haphazardly.

Get into the habit of putting forth just a little extra effort and you will be well pleasantly surprised when your marriage is the envy of the neighborhood.

Ideas for Romantic Places

Romantic places are everywhere here are some creative ideas to help you begin creating memorable couples vacations throughout your marriage.

1. Think back to when you were a teenager in love. What fun, sneaky thing did you like to do? Did you meet behind a certain tree? Or maybe you have a code word that only you and your partner knew that spoke volumes.

Get creative! Make your own special tradition so whenever you visit romantic places that place will be even more romantic.

2. Do you and your beau enjoy clowning around together?

Make your honeymoon vacation spot memorable by doing something silly or even meaningful.

For example, a wonderful cheap honeymoon activity is to re-enact a love scene from your favorite movie especially if you a happen to be in the city where the movie was filmed.

Another cheap honeymoon idea is to carve you and your new spouse’s name into a tree and go back and visit that same spot on your five or ten year anniversary.

3. Speaking of milestone anniversary getaways, why not start planning for (and saving for) your five year anniversary now?

This is especially important if you could not afford the luxury honeymoon of your dreams. To make the anniversary getaways even more special request the same room and the same table at the restaurant.

Do not forget to visit your etched artwork from #2.

4. How cute would it be if you bring the unity candle from your wedding along with you to lunch at a fast food restaurant?

In order to get the full effect you must light the candle and place it on the table. To really go all out put a pretty lace table cloth on the table and pour your drinks into champagne flutes, plastic one will work just fine.

This will have a greater impact if you are at a busy fast food restaurant like McDonalds or Subways where romance is the last thing on anyone else’s mind.

Romance doesn’t just happen especially after the newlywed phase end.

Honeymoon vacation spots are not just a location but a state of mind. Whether you had a cheap honeymoon or a luxury honeymoon it’s up to you to transform your honeymoon vacation spots into a fun memory.

Did you do anything zany or adventurous on your honeymoon or did the above list give you any great ideas for your next couples vacations? Please share it.