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Last minute cheap travel deals are claimed to exist on all travel sites.

If you check the top three you will be surprised to find that Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz’s quotes are normally pretty close in price range.  

But these popular travel sites can’t hold a torch to the deals available to members of travel clubs. 

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Here is one example with saving over $2000 at a luxury resort in Orlando.  Just minutes from Walt Disney World!

Prices are valid at the time of writing. All prices are for the same everything including 8 days/7nights. <br>

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In December 2009, for our kids winter break from school, my family of four stayed in Cyprus Resort in Orlando, Florida just minutes from Disney World.

We were able to get a 1 bedroom for the week (8days/7nights) for only $199.  We had a wonderful time. At the time we lived in Chicago, Illinois so the 85 degree Florida weather was a welcomed change from the blistering cold at home. 

Last minute travel deals to Cyprus Pointe Resort-Orlando, FL.
enjoying a last minute cheap travel deal at Cyprus Pointe Resort, Orlando, FL

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Cyprus Resort has a swimming pool, game room, mini golf, tennis court and an activity center with a weekly schedule of events.

We took the kids to most of these activities during our stay.

Participating in the various events offered by the resort is a great way to stay within your budget.

I think the only thing we paid for were the t-shirts needed for the scheduled tie dye activity. 

Since this was one of the first last minute travel deals that we took using our travel club we didn't plan or budget for actually going into Disney World.

We saw this deal on the "Clearance Rack" (or Hot Weeks list), booked it and went. Instead of going to Disney World that year, we went to Downtown Disney, which is free.

We visited all of their 30+ shops, had lunch at Planet Hollywood, saw the Princess and The Frog movie. My little princess was in full costume for the day too.  

We finished off the week by returning to Downtown Disney’s and spending the day at Disney Quest. 

A couple of last minute travel tips to help you stress less are to travel lightly- with the increased saving on your accommodations you are bound to get some last minute shopping done with all the extra money you saved on accommodations   

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Last minute travel deals are available during all seasons and too most locations for travel in US and International travel.  

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