Ocean Front Hotels

Enjoy A Room With A View on
Your Next Luxury Vacation

Staying at ocean front hotels on your vacation can be absolutely beautiful and relaxing. That's what taking a luxury trip is all about.

There are so many places throughout the world that people love to stay right on the coast. Obviously, this is the case, because coastal real estate is always at a premium.

Most people have a love affair with the ocean and the beauty of the many beach side destinations.

So the next time you decide you want to rent a family luxury vacation villa or stay at a hotel on the beach, you can have the very best time on your trip?

Stay at Ocean Front Hotels With a View

Why go to the beach and then stay at a hotel or vacation rental without an excellent view? Make sure you get an ocean view.

There is just something about having a window, patio or balcony, where you can just see the ocean waves breaking on the seashore and feeling the sea breeze on your face while you are enjoying your favorite beverage.

All views aren't the same

It doesn't matter if you take a Puerto Rico vacation or a Key West Florida vacation or maybe you love San Diego vacations; either way you need to make sure you're going to get the best view possible.

If you are going to stay at a vacation rental, then it is important you know the location of the resort. Is it directly on the beach or is it a few blocks away.

Ocean front properties with a view have many definitions. If just a small piece of ocean can be viewed, then technically this is also considered to be “a hotel with an ocean view”.

However, if a view is important to you, make sure you do some research to ensure that you are really getting the view that you desire.

Another way to determine the view from the hotel besides looking at pictures is by using Google maps. Google maps have a wonder gadget that allows users to see a “street view” of any street on your route.

It’s fun to see the resorts/neighborhood before you arrive. From the map you can see the proximity to the ocean.

Even if a resort sits directly on the sands of the beach, it is inevitable that some of the units will not have an ocean front view.

There has to be some units on the opposite side of the building, thus having a street view.

If being steps away from the beach is not enough for you and you just have to have an ocean front view, make sure you ask about any specifics before booking your vacation.

Why Pay More

Beach views at ocean front hotels come at a price. In most cases, you are not going to get a discount on your room or rental.

However, if you're looking for luxury and a really great beach vacation experience, then you might have to pay a premium for this.

Members of our travel club enjoy beachfront condo unit at resorts at substantial savings.

Another great alternative are water park hotels.