Planning a Road Trip

Four Family Travel Tips
for an Affordable Vacation

During tough economic times, it has become more difficult for everyone to take a big vacation.

With all the costs involved, many people just give up on the idea of taking time off and spending the money on a weeklong getaway.

But, instead of forgetting about it, planning a road trip could be the answer to having some fun and saving money.

Here are a few things to consider when arranging your next driving excursion that can end at a number of great vacation destinations.

Step one - Explore the many attractions close to your home

So many people forget how many great places there are to visit right in their own backyard.

For example, if you live anywhere in California, you have access to some of the most beautiful and pristine coastline in the country.

It can be very easy and affordable to plan and stay at a variety of family beach resorts from Southern California, all the way up the coast to the Oregon border.

There are many places you can stay along the way that have great accommodations at a fair price.

And of course our members can enjoy a wide variety of resorts from coast to coast and international for prices that are both affordable and inviting.

Step two - Determine how long your trip will last

A trip can be for a day, a weekend or even two weeks. It all depends on your budget and your schedule. Maybe you just need a quick last minute getaway to clear your mind and go back to work renewed.

Or maybe you have been promising your kids a fun family vacation but have never gotten around to it.

If you can rest and relax for a whole day, that's a lot better than not taking any time off at all.

But what's even better than a day is spending a week enjoying affordable vacations to family beach resorts whenever you please. This is the stuff that wonderful memories are made of.

Disneyland vacation packages are abundant especially during the winter months. This can make planning a road trip very easy.

With all the money you will save on lodging, you are sure to have enough to afford great Disneyland vacation packages.

You will also be a drive away from many popular beaches and other great attractions when planning a road trip to Disneyland.

Las Vegas vacation packages are another great example offering exciting getaways when planning a road trip.

There are many resorts and hotels on and off the Las Vegas strip with a variety of activities whether you are vacationing with teens, vacationing with toddles or enjoying a luxury honeymoon.

There are also many national parks around the U.S. that offer free tours and other activities for visitors. This is a great way to include some culture in your day when planning a road trip.

You might be surprised at how many interesting and fun destinations that is available within a day’s drive from your home.

Step three - Determine your budget ahead of time

Plan what you want to do and where you want to go and of course this is all contingent on how much you can afford for your budget luxury vacation.

One of the important family travel tips that you can use to ensure you're always able to go on vacation is to open a savings account.

If you are prone to dipping into your savings, a smart way to combat this is to open the account at a small community bank in a town that is 45 minutes to an hour away from your home.

By using a bank that is not easily accessible, in order to get your money out of the bank you must physically drive to get it. Of course this also means you cannot have any debt cards or other off-site accesses.

Normally for most people the best way to save money is to have the funds “auto-magically” taken from your check and direct deposited into your savings account.

If your employer offers direct deposit you can have it set up so a small portion of your check is deposited into two or more accounts.

So the main chunk can go into your regular checking account and as little as $20 or more can be “auto-magically” deposited into the savings account that is an hour away.

Every 12 months you will have saved $480 which is more than enough money to book a weeklong stay at a beautiful resort at thousands of destinations via our membership program.

Members of our vacation membership club enjoy week long stays at family beach resorts for as little as $300 per week.

Step four – Plan your route with MapQuest road trip planner

It’s crucial that you map out the route when planning a road trip to a new destination.

MapQuest road trip planner has a great road trip calculator that gives you the total miles of your excursion. Total mileage is important so you can estimate the gas allowance needed for your drive.

But what I appreciate most about the MapQuest road trip planner/calculator is that it not only tells the total miles but also the number of miles between each step of your journey.

This is useful when determining where you will stop for washroom breaks, meal breaks and sleeping.

Planning a road trip can be a fantastic way to take a vacation. By following the steps above, you can enjoy your time off and make the most of it by going on an exciting adventure.