Relaxing Family Vacations

Thousands Now Enjoy Family Trips Who
~ Never Thought They Could ~

Relaxing family vacations – whether adventure vacations with teens or kid friendly vacations with toddlers, a weekend getaway is a great family travel idea.

You family excursions can be designed in a way that helps rid you of stress and allow some for some important bonding with the family.

For most people, family trips are often stressful. Stress normally comes from being ill prepared and uncertain about what to expect.

Weekend Getaway

Going on multiple weekend getaways are great ways to get your family prepared for a longer road trip. In the United States all public schools close for a couple of weeks during December.  

This of course is a great time for most people to schedule a winter getaway.

If you live in an area that gets really cold during the winter you may desire to spend your free time in a tropical climate.

But if you're gang love all the opportunities that you can only enjoy with lots of snow then of course you will migrate to a colder climate for your winter vacation. 

Winter getaway-adventure vacations for the entire family

Adventure vacations with teens can introduce fun back into the family and give you a reason to bond during the family trips.

Consider weekend ski trips for your weekend getaway adventure vacations. If you can't ski, that's ok too because there is more to do at ski resorts than just skiing.  

During your trip arrange for a lesson on the kiddy slopes where you can receive one on one or group instructions on how to handle the bigger slopes.  

Snow shoe walking is not only fun but a great workout too. Even if your vacation is with toddlers you can still enjoy a snow walking.

The entire family are sure to get a laugh out of watching everyone attempt to balance on the silly looking snow shoes.

What is a winter getaway without a family snowball fight?

Your kid friendly vacations should allow you to show the kids that you know how to have fun too. Showing your silly side will also open the door for your kids to talk to you more about other life issues.

You can enjoy relaxing family vacations with toddlers if you plan strategically.

Pick Relaxing Destinations for Your Family Trips

If you decide to go to an amusement park or an outdoor festival then you should not expect to get much rest.  These type of trips require lots of walking, waiting in line and crowds of people.

My family loves the water so we usually can be found somewhere with a pool or at a family friendly beach.

Some great family travel ideas that I found to keep toddlers and teens entertained for hours are resorts with water park. 

relaxing family vacation with kids

During our winter getaway adventure vacations we love to visit resorts with indoor water parks for our family trips.

We normally take one of our nieces or nephews with us on these trips too. This way we can have a babysitter so mom and dad can enjoy a night out without the kids.

Another benefit of resorts is that they normally offer something for kids of all ages.

There are wading pools for the babies with sprinklers and slides, basket ball hoops and mega-slides for the older kids/teens and even a lazy river for dad.

Our kids have fond memories of our times spent splashing around these kid friendly family vacation resorts.

If you have teens, before you leave home decide what you will do and what you will not. This will save you much trouble on your family trips and foster bonding with the family.

Let children take part in planning so they feel that the vacation is theirs too.

At the same time, don’t plan every second of your relaxing family vacations. Let your trip be laid back and full of spontaneous fun.

Tips to Avoid Stress AFTER Your Relaxing Family Vacation:

  1. Minimize debt- If your normal practice is travel now-pay later; make sure you don’t go overboard and exceed the limits of spending on your family trips. If your trip exceed the budget you are less likely to take another weekend getaway.  
  2. Plan for a shorter family vacation, a vacation closer to home or less luxurious vacation rather than be in debt for months Cheap but great family vacation ideas include going camping, or visit national parks or beaches. 
  3. Get home a 24-48 hours before returning to work. Try not to come home the night before you are scheduled to return to work even if you must lose a day at the resort. If you are tired you will not be productive for up to a week after you return. 
  4. Plan your expenditure for the trip- Before the trip! Decide with your kids how many dollars each will get to spend on the trip and no more. Once you fix an amount, let the kids decide how they will spend it.