Resort Reviews

Top 3 Most Reliable Resources
to Help You Make the

Right Vacation Choice

Before you ever get serious about making final plans on your next vacation, you probably want to get some unbiased resort reviews to determine where you want to stay.

There are many sources to find this information and you need to make sure that you're getting truthful reviews that really tell it like it is.

Where can you search for this information?

  • Friends, family and associates
  • Travel magazines
  • And of course the Internet

Resort Reviews On the Internet

Nowadays most people search online for other people's experiences and opinions on their stay at a particular resort. Unfortunately, you need to sift through all of the biased information for different resorts.

For example, if you go and search resort reviews for Cabo San Lucas or even Caribbean resorts, you might not get the truth. There are many websites that give out favorable opinions of different locations, because it is in their best interests for profit.

Also, never trust resorts reviews that are on the actual hotel or resort's website. You want to look for a third party source that has nothing to gain by giving honest and truthful evaluations their experience as a vacationer.

It’s not surprising that most companies, individuals, or businesses will only share the most glowing testimonial if they had the option of choosing.

I have been pleasantly surprised lately to see some negative comments on certain company’s Facebook pages.  These companies politely responded to the criticism but, they also left the negative comment up.

I’m not sure if companies have the option of deleting the negative post or not but it does add credibility to the other content on their page when I see things like this.

Resort Reviews in Travel Magazines

Travel magazines, both online and offline, do a great job of giving you accurate ratings of many resorts and destinations.

These come from either a staff writer or a subscriber of the magazine that submits their opinions and ratings of their vacation.

They are usually pretty accurate, because the magazine has nothing to lose either way. You'll find every type of rating from hotels in Hawaii to Arizona golf resorts being written about.

However, you really needs to make sure it's a credible magazine and the review isn't followed by a bunch of advertisements for that resort.

I'm not saying that the report would be bogus, but just use some caution and don't believe everything you read, good or bad.

Resort Reviews From Friends & Family

Take the time to ask anyone you know that went to the location your planning on going.

Ask them specific questions about the upkeep of the facilities, the overall atmosphere and to tell you what they liked and didn't like about the trip in general.

You're going to get some of the best information from this source. Again, your friends have nothing to gain by telling you the truth according to their experience.

However, with all resort reviews, you need to realize that the experience and opinion of a person might be completely off base.

Some people are just negative about everything.

Some people will even give a bad review because they had a fight with their friend who was on vacation with them or because the food at the restaurant down the street was nasty.

This is why it's good to gather information and opinions from all of the sources to get an overall feeling of what a particular travel destination is all about.

You should also read between the lines when considering the opinion of an Internet post. Ask yourself why are they writing the poor review.

Are they upset because the hotel refused to give them a refund or go against another written policy?

There are many people that do whatever they can to bring bad press to an organization even though they may have experienced an isolated incident.

If you read between the lines of the review you may realize that the actual complaint isn't talking about the facilities at all but about the staff, or the check-in process or even the sales presentation that they “volunteered” to attend.

And don’t just thing that because several people are saying the same thing that it's probably true.

I like to look at the actual dates that the review was posted. If there are 3 or 4 negative reviews posted within a day or even a few weeks of one another I get skeptical about all of them.

Because I’ll assume that they are all from the same person or friends of the original angry person.

Especially if the resort have only 9 reviews over a 3 year period then all of a sudden they get 4 negative reviews only weeks apart - - - it’s probably the same angry person trying to discredit the resort.

Vacation Home Rentals

Click the above image to read honest reviews from real vacationers. 

Another thing I do when researching a resort is to actually call the resort and ask them about the negative reviews that I’ve read about on-line.

I’ll ask them to address each point that concerns me and ask them if the situation has been rectified.

When you are looking for affordable family vacations on a budget you have to be diligent in your research and you must decide if the things that other people are complaining about is really an issue for you.

For example some of the better deals that I’ve found are at older resorts in wonderful locations, when reading reviews lot of times I’ll find that people are complaining about the actual decor and stating that the resort need to update the furniture or get flat-screen televisions.

This is not a huge concern for my family. If the place is safe, clean and in a good location we normally can deal with the furniture not being chic.

In conclusion, resorts reviews are important, you can find the best location and accommodations for your next vacation by spending a little time reading up on potential destinations.