Singles Vacations

Making the Most of
Singles Vacations

It may be difficult and scary to schedule singles vacations packages.

The idea of going away for some much needed rest and relaxation is daunting and a frightening thought for many.

But there are advantages to booking vacations for singles.

Single Parent Vacations

One of the greatest benefits to booking discount vacations packages, whether it’s single parent vacations with kids or free

vacations alone, is that you are sure to enjoy the selected destination since you are the only person that you must please.

First you must decide whether you want to journey completely alone or hook up with someone else.

Traveling for singles -alone gives you a great deal of flexibility, but most people prefer to travel with others.

That’s okay but make sure if your friends normally travel with kids you make it clear that this trip is for adults only.

Once you put this stipulation you might have to ask several people before you find someone who is able to accommodate your request for single parent vacations without kids.

There are many different options in hooking up with others for singles vacations packages.

  • If you tag along with someone who is already putting together vacations packages you may luck up on free vacations for singles
  • Other options for vacations for singles is to travel with a group. But this has its pitfalls as you may have to stick to the group tour schedule. You may not be able to linger in places that catch your fancy.

    So if you want the flexibility of deciding the time spent at different spots, it is best to avoid tour programs as your discount vacation packages.
  • Another option to secure free vacations is to plan a trip to a luxury resort with friends. When choosing from our condo deal specials you can split the price of the resort with the other occupants (minus one, yourself).

FREE Vacations for Singles

The last option that I’ll share and, in my opinion, the best option for free vacations for singles getaway

{NOTE: This works even if you desire free vacations with kids or single parent vacations packages without the kids}.

1. You must be the person planning the vacation.

2. Find a desirable destination from the special clearance section (i.e. condo specials) of our members’ only site.

3. Find vacations packages that are insanely cheap --- Here are two examples available at the time of writing:

4. Maui Lea at Maui Hill in Kihei, Hawaii 2-bedroom condo (with over 1,000 sq.ft.) for 8 days/ 7 nights for $299.

5. Or how about Barefoot Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC this is a 3-bedroom/2-bath for the same week in June for $299.

Invite four to eight friends to join you on your next adult only resort vacation. Your friends will not mind sharing the extremely fair fee for their condo room. (We offer dozens of travel deals under $300 each week.)

Five people paying $300 each for a week long get away, will give you a profit of $1200 if you booked one of the resorts listed in the examples from step 3.

With the extra money you can stock the kitchen, the bar and provide some other “all inclusive” bonuses for your guess. You may even have some money left over.

NOTE: Only the person who owns the vacation club membership can book the travel deals. These deals can be found by contacting the professional concierges or you can find them yourself on the member’s only website. Of course you will find cheaper vacation deals if you do the latter.

Singles vacations means the night never ends.

Since there are no husbands and kids to care for, you can let your hair down and party all night.

You can enjoy the services of bars and clubs that cater to singles.

Cruises for singles vacations are especially fun.

They have a number of singles targeted activities like pool parties and special hook-up activities. Single parent families are becoming the majority.

But what if you can’t get away for an entire week? Click here for a great creative strategy for dual fun family vacations that is also fun for adults too.