Successful Fundraiser

4 Useful Tips to Help Make
Your Next Event Extremely Successful.

A successful fundraiser can happen. It just needs to be planned out very well ahead of time. Learn how to organize an event that will raise the needed funds and also allow everyone to have a great time.

Most organizations big and small, rely on various activities and donors to raise funds in order to keep vital programs open and running.

Successful fundraisers are a must for any organization with a limited budget. Proceeds from such campaigns can be used for anything from office supplies to providing food and shelter to low income families in your community.

How to organize a fundraiser in 4 easy steps?

Step One- You Must Determine What You Need

The clearer you are on exactly what is the goal of a fundraiser, the better you'll be able to accomplish the target.

Some very important information to consider:

  • Who's going to be involved in the event?
  • How much do you need to raise to meet the campaign goals?
  • Do you have access to volunteers who can help you run the event successfully?
  • When do you need the revenue from the fundraiser?
  • What product or service are you going give in exchange for the funds raised?

Step Two-Specifically Plan Out the Details of Your Campaign

A successful fundraiser hangs on a sound and thorough plan. There should be three parts to the planning of any creative fundraiser.

Beside determining the exact date of your fundraiser, it’s important to set both a money figure and also a tangible element.

For example, let's say that you want to raise $20,000 for new equipment.

It's hard to get someone to give their money, unless they know how it is going to be spent.

Even if they are going to receive a product or service in exchange for their donation, by knowing specifically what it’s going to pay for, there is more incentive to gladly become involved.

Also, it's much more of a motivation for all those involved as volunteers to have a reason for putting forth the effort to raise this money.

For maximum efficiency your fundraiser should be no more than three weeks long.

Setting a defined time limit allow potential supporters an opportunity to acquire the needed funds to donate or purchase your goods or service.

A set deadline also provides a sense of urgency and structure for your volunteers.

Step Three- Set Up a Specific Fundraiser Website

In this day and age of technology, a website specifically built for a fundraiser will do wonders for organization, awareness as well as promotion.

Your company’s primary website is not efficient. It is ok to use your organization’s primary website for updates, changes, comments and other feedback.

You may even want to use the primary website to conduct a survey to gain valuable feedback on your fundraising efforts.

But to be efficient online you need an online fundraiser website with all tools already built in for a successful campaign.

The most important tool that an online fund raiser site should provide is a way for your supporters to complete their entire transaction including payment online.

This will eliminate the responsibility and any possible headache that the people volunteering to help with your fundraiser may encounter.

Something else that helps ensure your organization has successful fundraisers is selling a product that is wanted by your supporters and something they will enjoy using and benefit from.

If you have ever organized a fundraiser you know how difficult it is to collect all the promised money and then distribute the promised products weather it’s cookies and candy or gift wrapping paper.

One ingenious online fundraiser website that offers free registration and incentives for your supporters and volunteers is BLVFundraiser. They allow you to complete your registration online, personalize your fundraiser website with a photo, text and goals.

You are also able to register all of your volunteers with their own unique URL that is directed back to your campaign. The unique URL tracks any sales for each volunteer. This is important because each support is then able to earn wonderful prizes based on their efforts.

Step Four- A Successful Fundraiser Relies on Managing the Campaign Efficiently

If you are putting on a single event, such as a dinner or play, it’s critical that you have all the volunteers needed for the fundraising event to run smoothly.

If you are going to be selling a product and the fundraising is going to take place over a number of weeks, then the money needs to be collected efficiently as well as the delivery of the product.

It is probably the best idea to collect the money at the same time the order is taken. Also, the delivery should be in a reasonable time frame.

It's important to be specific about when the money is due as well as when the purchaser will receive their items. I personally prefer collecting all monies at the time of purchase.

What about incentives? Incentives are a great way to gain by-in from your volunteer supports, they also help boost morale and offer a healthy dose of competition which is always good for any campaign.

To summarize, a successful fundraiser can be accomplished by following the above advice. Make it the best event possible, so everybody involved has a great time and fulfills the target income goal.