Vacation Clubs

A Little Mistake That Cost My Family
$3500 A Year

Vacation clubs are the most affordable way to gain accesses to private resorts without the headache of owning timeshare programs.

Travel clubs have become one of the best options for affordable family vacations.

The surge in popularity of rental clubs is because they offer reasonable prices.

The prices can range from a few thousand dollars for an entire vacation week in a location with good facilities and such.

But for most people a few thousand bucks is still too steep to swallow.

Rental Clubs

We have found the ultimate way to take unlimited vacations with family and friends that anyone can afford. The plus point is there are no blackout dates and the initial investment is minimal.

If you sincerely value spending quality time with family and friends you must consider our vacation clubs. Do not be sucked in by timeshare programs like we were.

Timeshare programs promise luxury vacations rentals but they fail to tell you about the additional lifetime expenses that you also acquire.

Compare a standard hotel and a standard 2-bd/2ba condo at one of our many partner resorts

Vacation Week

There are various kinds of vacation clubs available depending on your needs. Beware of travel clubs that force you to spend your vacation week at only their resorts.

Rental clubs should be flexible and offer locations throughout the world. Make sure your luxury vacation rental club offer travel worldwide to various countries.

Below are some things to consider before joining vacation travel clubs:

  • The membership should offer unlimited vacations. If you want to schedule a vacation week 52 times per year your membership should allow this
  • Do you have a family of five or more? Make sure your club allows you to bring along your entire family including your mother-in-law if you so chose with no additional fees.
  • Your membership should treat you like a V.I.P. Do they offer a concierge service that will plan your entire vacation?
  • The most important thing to watch out for is extra fees.

    Unlike timeshare programs luxury vacation rental travel clubs should only charge a fee for the unit, cruise, flight or other travel clubs adventure you desire to take.

    If you don’t use your membership for five years you should not be required to pay maintenance fees or owner dues.
  • Do NOT sign up for a timeshare program without seriously considering rental clubs. Learn the secret to gaining access to these luxury vacation rental timeshares without taking on the usual additional expenses.

Instead of investing in one of the many timeshare resorts look for travel clubs that allow you to control your schedule. Maybe week 19 will not fit your family's schedule next year.

One of the most beneficial benefits of joining our travel club membership, besides the great savings, is that you can pick the exact dates that you would like to travel because there are no black out dates.