Winter Vacations

Discover 6 Fantastic
Winter Getaways
For You Next Family Vacation

The options for winter vacations are as diverse and varied as the family that is planning it. Most people love to spend the summer taking fabulous vacations.

However, there are some families that live for winter vacations every year.

Many people love the winter weather, skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying the cold crisp air and the light fluffy snow.

This is why a family ski vacation can become a popular yearly tradition.

There are so many places to go and see like Lake Tahoe vacations or even a Colorado ski vacation. 

Even if you don't like to ski, there are plenty of places to go see during this time of the year.

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Yellowstone is open year round and has so much to do during the winter time.

Winter vacations at this national park have something for every visitor to see and learn. For example, they offer learning programs for the guests to become educated on all aspects of winter.

Also, the park takes on a whole different look and some say it is even more beautiful during the winter months.

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If you're going to take a vacation with your kids, this could be a great choice to make. Many unique activities such as dog sledding and also viewing the northern lights make it special.

The winters are very fierce and there's not a lot of sun during the winter months because of its location. However, many people still flock to this part of the hemisphere during the winter, because it does have a lot of entertainment options as well as beauty to keep everyone busy and happy.

New England

There are many states that make up this region. It's simply breathtaking during winter time. Not only do you have the opportunity to visit most of the nation's important historical sites, there are also many ski resorts in this region.

For example, Maine has Sugar Loaf which is one of the most popular ski resorts in the eastern part of the country.

Also, you can experience great skiing at Mount Washington located in New Hampshire.

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Lake Tahoe

This continues to be one of the top winter vacations in the world. Located in California and Nevada, you have access to world-class skiing and the high Sierras.

Christmas vacation packages offer you a region that averages around 360 inches of snow every year. Not only is skiing great, but the nightlife is equally fantastic.

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If you love winter, skiing and diversity, this is the place to be. A vacation in this state can be planned in a variety of ways.

Because major ski resorts are so close together, you can either stay at a particular resort or stay in Salt Lake City and have access to 10 major ski resorts within 30 to 45 minute drive.

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Mont Tremblant

Winter Vacation in Mont Tremblant

Located in the magnificent Laurentian Mountains in Quebec's Canadian Province, this is the place for snowboarding and skiing.

The resort has over 600 acres and many people that love the idea of getting more for their money because of the exchange rates.

If winter vacations are what you like to do, then these favorite destinations can give you and your family all of the fun and adventure that you would expect on your trip.

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